Lehigh Valley Roundtable

The Salesian Center for Faith & Culture sponsors occasional events in the form of presentations and/or discussions on issues of timely concern in various aspects of contemporary culture.  Among the special events in this series are:

2015 - Fortnight for Marriage
video series, with commentary by DSU faculty, in anticipation of the World Meeting of Families 2015 in Phildelphia
2013 - Civic Health Symposium
community leaders in discussion about the Lehigh Valley Social Reconaissance
► 2012 - The HHS Mandate & Healthcare Benefits
an open discussion for DSU employees
► 2010 - Baseball in America: The Tenth Inning
television film screening, followed by a panel discussion
► 2007 - Prayer in America
previewing a new PBS documentary, followed by a panel discussion

► 2007 - Muslim/Catholic Dialogue
educational and social evening, in conjunction with the Lehigh Dialogue Center

► 2001 - Stem Cell Research
a panel discussion with six perspectives
► 2001 - "Hans Urs von Balthasar & the Evangelization of Culture"
invitational conference, co-sponsored with the Dept. of Philosophy & Theology at DSU
► 2000 - "The Hidden Gift"
documentary / discussion on war and faith in the Sudan, with Bishop Macram Max Gassis