Salesian Studies

A complete bibliography of works by and about St. Francis de Sales and the tradition of Salesian Spirituality is enormous!  Our online collection offers access to many of the important and/or contemporary studies in this area.  Browse through the links below:

                                                                                                  sketch by Michael McGrath, OSFS

► Primary Texts are those written by St. Francis de Sales or St. Jane de Chantal

 Salesian Center Studies are secondary texts written by members of the Salesian Center for Faith & Culture

► Salesian Monographs are works produced by or contributed to by members of the Salesian Center

Secondary Studies are works written by other scholars about the Salesian tradition (listed by author)

Documents are official texts about Francis de Sales promulgated by various Popes

Devotions are texts composed by various authors that give a Salesian version of common religious practices


Also available online is a
► Bibliography of Salesian Studies published in English from 1613-1995
, compiled by Joseph Boenzi, S.D.B.