The Baranzano Society

"Talking Circles"

The Baranzano Society sponsors a regular series of public forums to dialogue about current issues in bioethics.  Three events are held each academic year and are open to the public.

The next forum will take place during 
► Heritage Week  January 2013

 The topic of discussion will be Faith & Medicine with: 
Peter Cochrane, MD
Clare Laracy Grubb, PA-C
 John Lanzilotti, BSN

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The format is designed to create concentric "circles" by which to focus and expand the points of discussion.

Introduction (5 minutes) -- the moderator provides a "state of the question" in relation to the topic under discussion. Where possible, case studies will be introduced to frame the question; and if available, relevant research results about the issue will be summarized.

The Inner Circle (20-30 minutes) -- each of the panelists will offer a 5-minute position statement in relation to one or more of the questions raised. 

♦ One panelist  who is a member of the Society will present the religion side of the dialogue
♦ One panelist who is a member of the Society will present the science side of the dialogue
♦ Guests with expertise in the particular area of inquiry will be invited to join the discussion.

The Talking Circle (20-30 minutes) -- panelists will discuss the issues among themselves in roundtable format

The Outer Circle (30-40 minutes) -- audience members may pose questions or make comments, to which the panelists respond

Conclusion -- the moderator wraps-up the discussion and announces the next event

In addition to the "live" event, the Society sponsors a Virtual Circle to continue the discussion online, in a forum for which the public is encouraged to post thoughts and reactions in response to the previous circles.

For a listing of previous discussion topics, visit our ► archive of events.