April 2, 2005 marked a turning point in modern history. Pope John Paul II, the third longest reigning pontiff of all time, died ... and the world mourned.

The establishment of the Salesian Center for Faith & Culture was inspired by this pope’s intellectual genius and magisterial dynamism.

With prayers that this Servant of the Servants of God may rejoice forever in heaven, and that he may soon be recognized among the saints we celebrate on earth, the Salesian Center re-dedicates its efforts to respond to what the late Pontiff once claimed to be the greatest challenge to our era, namely the growing separation between faith and reason, between the Gospel and culture.

On this historic occasion, the Salesian Center for Faith & Culture responded with a series of publications and activities under the title "WE REMEMBER, WE CELEBRATE, WE BELIEVE."  Follow the links below for more information.

on the death of His Holiness, John Paul II

Novemdiales -- program of activities

►  Novena prayers

on the legacy of John Paul II

►  Media Commentary featuring the Director of the Salesian Center (links no longer available)

   •  John Paul II and Politics
   •  John Paul II and World Religions
   •  John Paul II and the Media
   •  how the Conclave works
   •  the election of Benedict XVI
   •  challenges for a new pope

"Reacting to the Pope's Death (4-5-05)

WYBE Public Television (Philadelphia)
"Public Voices" program on
Pope John Paul II and the Church

►  Publications from the Salesian Center related to the teaching of John Paul II



►  Bibliography for John Paul II