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Job Search Strategies

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All job seekers should make the job search their #1 priority!

A job search is hard work. Your motivation and attitude are the keys to your success. Expect to put in as much work, for two semesters, as a really tough 3-credit-hour class in which you want to get an "A".  Be mindful that no one method of job search will reveal all of the jobs that are out there.  If you want to maximize your options, you will need to use multiple methods (as will be discussed below).  Also, an additional way to maximize your options is to "learn to think beyond your major".  Some of you have a major that equals a job title. Most of you don't. Learn to think about occupations, industries, kinds of businesses, job skills and career fields. The real world is not organized by academic major!  Be sure to explore: What Can I Do With This Major

The National Association of College and Employers has produced a series of "Job Choices" magazines to assist job seekers in their searches.  Please click on the following links to view the full versions of the magazines:


   Job Choices 2013        Job Choices Diversity 2013

Methods of Job Searching:

Networking and Mentors
Don't necessarily look for a job, look for a person.  People are a lot easier to find than jobs. You will want to network for information, not just job leads: information might include trends, skills, names of contacts, etc.  The goal is to enter their network, which may eventually result in a job connection. You never know when someone in your network can help. Many jobs are never posted because employers fill them with people who are already among the company's network of contacts. Employers may even be willing to create positions for qualified individuals within their networks.

A few on-line resources to assist with your networking include:

  1. Alumni Contacts: build connections with alumni employers who have strong relationships with Career Services.  Alumni from DeSales are often more than willing to help even though they don't know you. You can find some of these alumni by contacting Dug Salley, director of alumni relations, dug.salley@desales.edu
  2. CareerShift: provides an easy-to-use approach for cracking the "hidden job market" (the unadvertised jobs) and for managing your job hunt all in one place.  For each job posting, you are provided with the contact information for the employees at that company/organization.  This enables you to be proactive and take the next step of reaching out directly to an employer.
  3. LinkedIn: this is a very productive way to identify employers, alumni groups, professional organizations etc.  You can use it to identify potential contacts for a job search, even create a job search group of your own.  Just as with your resume, you should spend some time creating a very well-written profile and include links to on-line versions of your resume, examples of your work etc. Having individuals write you recommendations is very important.  Your profile is 40x's more likely to receive feedback if there are positive recommendations included.  Be sure to start with your own university.  Join the DeSales University LinkedIn group!
    • Success is not just about what you know; it's about who you know! Get started with LinkedIn today, visit grads.linkedin.com

Career Fairs
Career Fairs are ideal for meeting a lot of employers in a short amount of time. Don't make the mistake of being too informal though. Make the most out of the encounter by rehearsing a brief bio about yourself ahead of time- also known as your "Elevator Pitch". Check out our Career Fair/Events page to find local career fairs both on- and off-campus. DeSales University hosts a Fall Career Fair each year and also participates in the Lehigh Valley College Career Expo each Spring. Before attending any career fair, try to determine who will be there ahead of time and then conduct research, preparing much like you would for an interview.  Even if you don't find a position of interest, you may be able to make some great contacts.

On-Campus Recruitment
Employers will often come to campus for a visit with prospective employees. All visits will be advertised via our College Central Network. Some of these recruiters will want to see your resume ahead of time, so make sure that you check with the Career Services Office for detailed information about individual recruiters.

Responding to Employer Ads
There is an abundance of advertising methods for employers. When job hunting, you can find positions listed in newspapers, on internet sites, and on community bulletin boards. Be sure to follow the employer's directions when responding to any advertisement. Many other people will be responding to the same advertisements. If you do not follow the directions when applying, the employer may not have time to look at an application that has not been filled out properly. Various job search websites can be found under the Internet Resources and Frequently Used Resources sections of the Career Services website.

**Please note that applying for Federal Jobs involves some different procedures. For detailed information please visit our Federal Internship/Job Search section or make an appointment to meet with the director of career services.

Posting a Resume Online
You can post your resume online via our DSU CareerLINK website. Employers who are scanning resumes may contact you directly if interested. A number of career-related websites also offer you an opportunity to post resumes online. Some online posting methods can result in format changes to your resume that you did not intend. For websites such as these, it is best to line everything up to the left and avoid using boldface, italics, underlining, or different font sizes. Keep it simple.  Or, be sure to save your resume as a PDF.  This will ensure that the recipient will see it the same way you sent it!

Targeted Mailing 
One of the best ways to find out if a company/organization is hiring is to go directly to their Human Resources (HR) page.  Remember you do not want to rely solely on newspapers, internet sites, or community bulletin boards. Because of the expense to post on these sites, some employers will not utilize them; rather, they will stick to their own HR page.  Be sure to do some research on each company so that you can properly target your cover letter and resume.

Registering with Third-Party Employment Firms
There are several different types of third-party firms, including temporary employment agencies (a.k.a., temp agencies), public search firms, and private search firms (a.k.a., recruiters or headhunters). For a fee, temporary employment agencies will find temporary jobs for their clients, which can sometimes turn into permanent positions. To increase the efficiency of a temp agency, supply a list of ideal companies for them to target. Search firms differ from temporary employment agencies in that they attempt to match participating employers with ideal candidates. Of these firms, public search firms receive funding from the state to offer free help to job seekers. On the other hand, employers contract private search firms to find qualified professionals for them. Net-Temps can help you to find a local temp agency. The Headhunters' Directory can help you to find a local private search firm.

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