"Inspired Common Sense"

St. Francis de Sales was well-known in his day for the insightful counsel he offered in response to questions asked of him about the myriad issues of daily life.  His ecclesiastical title as "Doctor of the Church" -- one of only 33 so designated in the history of Roman Catholicism -- means that his voluminous writings provide wisdom along the way to salvation.  His recogniition as a "master of sacred eloquence" renders testimony to the prowess of his preaching.  And the characterization of his style as "inspired common sense" (a phrase coined by Elisabeth Stopp) reflects not only the welcome which his words received but also the approach by which he provided spiritual direction to all those who sought his insight.

The Salesian Center now offers a blog to bring that wisdom, eloquence, and common sense to bear on social matters in the twenty-first century.  Launched on the feast of St. Leonie Aviat (January 10, 2011), the blog pays tribute to the inspiration with which the Salesian spirit guided her holy life and which still resonates in the lives of those who hear it, spak it, and live it today.  We remain convinced that the legacy of these Salesian saints has something to offer to our world, and that the teachings of this spiritual tradition can still give guidance to anyone seeking to lead a good life.

Every ten days (usually), the staff of the Salesian Center will post a new essay in response to current topics of interest and with reference to the teachings of St. Francis de Sales.  Readers are invited to post their comment and, thus, create an electronic dialogue.  Our hope is that this means of communication will engender a continuing discussion on subjects of social concern and personal value.