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Linked below are articles, commentaries, and statements
concerning the assault on Religious Liberty 
by way of government-mandated healthcare regulations.

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Bishops' Statements

Public Media  




Statements from Catholic Bishops / Conferences


U.S. Conference
of Catholic Bishops

Fortnight for Freedom 
Our First, Most Cherished Liberty (statement) 
► United for Religious Freedom (statement)  

Bishops renew call to legislative action
6 things everyone should know about the HHS mandate
6 more things everyone should know

U.S.C.C.B. web / blog  
Office of General Counsel
comments on proposed rule-making on preventive services  U.S.C.C.B. web 5/15/12

Timothy Cardinal Dolan
(President of U.S.C.C.B.)

letter to all bishops 
response to the "final rule" of HHS (video)
U.S.C.C.B. 3/2/12

Timothy Cardinal Dolan
(Archbishop of New York)

Celebrating our Independence 

When the Archbishop met the President  
     (interview with James Taranto) 
ObamaCare and Religious Freedom

Columbia magazine

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal



Daniel Cardinal DiNardo
(USCCB Pro-Life Comm.)

letter to United States Senators U.S.C.C.B. 2/15/12

William Lori
(USCCB sub-committee
on Religious Liberty)

testimony at the U.S. House of Representatives  U.S.C.C.B. 2/28/12
William Lori
(Archbishop of Baltimore)

the public witness of faith 
homily to open the Fortnight for Freedom

Columbia magazine
Donald Cardinal Wuerl
(Archbishop of Washington)
commentary on recent lawsuits (video)   Fox News 5/27/12

Francis Cardinal George
(Archbishop of Chicago)

What are you going to give up this Lent?  Catholic New World 2/26/12
Charles Chaput
(Archbishop of Philadelphia)
Building a Culture of Religious Freedom Public Discourse 7/27/12
Charles Chaput
(Archbishop of Philadelphia)
Homily for the Closing Mass in Washington, DC Catholic Philly 7/4/12
 Charles Chaput
(Archbishop of Philadelphia)
Launching the Fortnight for Freedom   First Things website 6/21/12

Charles Chaput
(Archbishop of Philadelphia)

HHS mandate insulting and dangerous The Philadelphia Inquirer 2/12/12

David Zubik
(Bishop of Pittsburgh)

"To hell with you" Pittsburgh Catholic 2/10/12

John O. Barres
(Bishop of Allentown)

Obama's birth control rules an affront to religious freedom The Morning Call 2/17/12

John O. Barres
(Bishop of Allentown)

Remarks on the 50th anniversary of the diocese (video) Diocese of Allentown 2/12/12

Joelle Shea
(PA Catholic Conference)

Free exercise no longer free or exercisable PA Catholic Conference 2/7/12

Lists of opposition
to HHS mandate

Catholic Institutions
Thomas Peters


Articles / Commentary in the Public Media

Wesley Smith Obama looks to strip entrepreneurs of religious liberty First Things 8/10/12
George Weigel The Mandate Kicks In National Review Online 8/1/12
Ross Douthat Defining Religious Liberty Down New York Times 7/28/12
Melissa Moschella Religious Freedom's Legal and Moral Basis Public Discourse 7/24/12
Melissa Moschella Religious Freedom Under Fire Public Discourse 7/23/12
Seana Sugrue Will the Obamacare "Tax" Trump Religious Liberty Public Discourse 7/12/12
Patrick Lee HHS Mandate: Unjust (as well as Illegal) Public Discourse 7/6/12
Timothy Shah, et. al. Religious Freedom:  Why Now?    Public Discourse 7/3/12
Philip Tartaglia Religious Freedom and the New Orthodoxy   Public Discourse 6/27/12
Dwight Duncan Religious Freedom:  Use It or Lose It   Public Discourse 6/26/12
Margaret Datiles Defending Our First Freedom   Culture of Life Foundation 6/22/12
Melissa Moschella Taking (Conscience) Rights Seriously  Public Discourse 6/11/12
Gerard Bradley What's behind the HHS mandate?   Public Discourse 6/5/12
John Garvey A matter of faith and freedom  Chronicle of Higher Education 6/3/12
Robert Barron The Sebelius and Dowd heresy  Real Clear Religion 6/1/12
Daniel Henninger Church is still not State   Wall Street Journal 5/30/12
John Garvey For the government, what counts as religion?  Washington Post 5/25/12
George Weigel The mandate war   National Review Online 5/21/12
Mary Ann Glendon Why the Bishops are suing the U.S. Government   Wall Street Journal 5/21/12
Carl Anderson Guarding religious liberty   National Review Online 5/19/12
Gerard Bradley The Audacity of Faith Public Discourse 5/18/12
George Weigel Un-Sebelius Commencement Address   National Review Online 5/12/12
Wm. Armstrong et. al. Why we have gone to court against the Obama Mandate Wall Street Journal 4/23/12
Carl Anderson Address to the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast  Knights of Columbus 4/19/12
George Weigel Framing the Religious-Liberty Issue National Review Online 4/16/12
David L. Schindler The Repressive Logic of Liberal Rights  Communio, vol. 38 W 2011
Sarah Pulliam Bailey Mass Appeal:  Evangelicals ... Oppose Contraception Ruling Christianity Today 04/12
Luther Strange Alabama's Stand for Religious Liberty National Review Online 3/30/12
George Weigel After "United for Religious Freedom" National Review Online 3/17/12
George Weigel No Compromise National Review Online 3/14/12
David Catron Obama the Apostate The American Spectator 3/9/12
George Weigel Obama's Contraception Spin Machine  National Review Online 3/8/12
Mary Ann Glendon First of Freedoms? America / C.E.R.C. 3/5/12
Robert Royal Conscience Objections & Religious Liberty  conference / ZENIT 2/29/12
Gerard Bradley The Law as Therapist National Review Online 2/28/12
Robert George et. al. Principled Witness vs. Politics As Usual The Public Discourse 2/28/12
Helen Alvare Here We Are: Women who stand for religious liberty National Review Online 2/21/12
George Weigel The Catholic betrayal of religious freedom National Review Online 2/20/12
Thaddeus Kozinski Religious Freedom & the Triumph of the Therapeutic  Ethika Politika (blog) 2/17/12
Meir Soloveichik Redefining Religious Activity (congressional testimony)  Jewish Ideas Daily 2/17/12
Patrick Deneen Religious Liberty? Front Porch Republic (blog) 2/16/12
Charles Krauthammer Overreach: Obamacare vs. the Constitution The Washington Post 2/16/12
Carl Anderson HHS Mandate:  One battle in a two-front war National Review Online 2/15/12
Richard Garnett HHS Mandate still undermines religious freedom U.S.A. Today 2/15/12
George Weigel HHS and Soft Totalitarianism First Things "On the Square" 2/15/12
George Weigel Divide and Conquer? National Review Online 2/15/12
Ross Douthat Divide and Conquer The New York Times 2/13/12
Matthew Franck ... the Right Not to Do Wrong, and the Politics of Ruse and Delay The Public Discourse 2/13/12
Charles Kadlec The Audacity of Power: President Obama vs. Catholic Church Forbes 2/13/12
Yuval Levin The "Compromise" National Review Online 2/10/12
George Weigel Catholic Bishops: Don't Revise, Rescind National Review Online 2/11/12
Laurie Goodstein Rule shift on birth control is concession to Obama allies The New York Times 2/10/12
Ross Douthat Catholics, conscience, and contraception The New York Times 2/9/12
Charles Krauthammer The Gospel according to Obama The Washington Post 2/9/12
Charles Snelling Obama administration contraceptive rules attack our freedoms The Morning Call 2/9/12
Kathleen Parker Obama runs roughshod over religious freedom The Washington Post 2/7/12
David Brooks Flood the Zone The New York Times 2/6/12
Micheal Gerson Obama plays his Catholic allies for fools The Washington Post 1/30/12
Ross Douthat Government and Its Rivals The New York Times 1/28/12
Ed Whelan

HHS Contraception Mandate vs. Religious Freedom Restoration Act

      ►  introduction
      ►  "exercise of religion"
      ►  "substantial burden"
      ►  "least restrictive means"
      ►  "compelling government interest"
      ►  some closing observations

National Review Online
(Jan 26-30, 2012)



St. Thomas More Society of the Diocese of Allentown
"Let Religious Freedom Ring" campaign 

STMS - Baker (6/25/12)
STMS - Orlando (6/25/12)
STMS - Dailey (6/21/12)

The End of America? The HHS Mandate's Threat to Freedom   The Acton Institute (6/22/12)
Raymond Cardinal Burke interviewed about cooperation with evil Catholic Action Insights (4/11/12)

Timothy Cardinal Dolan on CBS on Easter Sunday

Face the Nation (4/8/12)

St. Thomas More Society of the Diocese of Allentown
Public Forum on Religious Liberty & Healthcare

Pennsylvania Cable Network broadcast
Helen Alvare on Religious Freedom and the HHS Mandate  Berkeley Center at Georgetown University (3/27/12)
Michael McConnell on Religious Freedom and the HHS Mandate Berkeley Center at Georgetown University (3/27/12)

The Heritage Foundation

Religious Liberty: Obamacare's First Casualty

Fr. William Dailey, CSC on "The Culture Wars Return"

MSNBC broadcast

Fr. Robert Barron, Word on Fire

HHS mandate:  Anti-Catholic & Un-American

Americans United for Life 

the Con

Gloria Purvis:  HHS Mandate is Anti-Woman

Catholic Information Center

Women Challenging the HHS Mandate

Catholic Information Center (2/27/12)
Presidents' Day Commercial Knights of Columbus (2/17/12)


Other References / Resources


 "latest mandate news" (regularly updated)

CNA web site

Jeanne Monahan, Director
Center for Human Dignity, Family Research Council

congressional testimony (2/28/12)

John Garvey, Mary Ann Glendon, Robert George et. al.
(with 300+ academic scholars, administrators & organizations)


Joseph Koterski, SJ - President, Fellowship of Catholic Scholars

statement on the HHS mandate

on the moral question of "cooperation with evil"

Robert Miller (2/22)
Christopher Tollefson (2/20)
Janet Smith (2/17)
Sherif Girgis & Robert George (2/14)
John Garvey (3/7/12)

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty

mandate challenge page
fact-checking: false claims
false "compromise"
"we stand with Catholics" declaration