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Residential Information

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"At a good college students discover that all parts of college life are measured by high standards, and that educated people are guided in their behavior by civility and decency." --Ernest Boyer

All residential students are housed in Chappuis Hall, (pronounced "shuh-PWEE"). Rooms are double occupancy and are air-conditioned. Each room will also be equiped with a Micro-Fridge.  Two rooms share an adjoining bathroom and each room has its own sink. The hall is co-educational with men and women housed on opposite ends of one floor, separated by three Residential Counselors' rooms. Roommates will be assigned on arrival. STI will consider roommate requests. Please notify STI by June 23 if you would like to request a specific student as a roommate.

Residential Counselors
Residential Counselors serve as a resource for students with concerns, as leaders in promoting community living standards, and as monitors of student behavior. Several counselors live in the residence hall with the students and will also be on campus during the day in teaching, counseling and administrative positions with STI.

Telephone Service
If your son or daughter will need a room phone you will have to let us know. The University can provide one. Local calls are included in the room charge. Long distance calls will require a phone card. Each phone will have voicemail. To call a resident from an outside line, call 610-282-2634, and then the extension (which will be provided to you on the first day). This is a different phone number than the main switchboard.

The residence hall is locked at all times. Students gain entry to the hall with an access card. Students must not swap access cards as each card has its own electronic "personality." As such, each use of the card is automatically logged electronically with campus police. Lost access cards must be reported immediately so the card can be deactivated. Each student will also receive a room key. A lost access card or key will result in a $50 charge for each.

Residential Counselors will maintain a presence whenever students are in the residence hall. During the day a counselor will be posted at a desk near the entrance to the floor and will require that all students and guests sign in and out each time they leave or enter the residence hall. If, for any reason, a residential student cannot attend class and must remain in the residence hall during class time, a residential counselor must be notified in advance.

Campus police maintain a 24-hour presence on campus and are available by calling 911 from any campus extension, or 610-282-1100, x-1250 from an outside line. They are commissioned officers and, as such, have powers of arrest and investigation. A list of STI students and room numbers will be supplied to the campus police for emergency use.

DeSales University was recently ranked one of the safest (top ten) institutions of higher learning in the nation. Nonetheless, students are urged to take the same common sense precautions on campus that they would take anywhere else in society: walk in groups at night; lock doors at all times; do not lend keys to others; and call campus security if suspicious persons or activities are noted.

Curfew & "Curfew Two"
In order to maintain conditions conducive to safety, academic and creative achievement, and the overall well-being of the students, a curfew is established and maintained in the residence hall. Residential students must be in the residence hall by 10:00pm each evening and must remain until 7:00am. The only exceptions will be evenings when STI activities run later than 10:00pm, in which case a revised curfew will be established. "Curfew Two" refers to the time at which residential students must retire to their rooms. This will normally be 11:00pm on Sunday through Thursday nights, and 12:00 on Friday and Saturday nights. The curfews apply to residential students regardless of age, so as to maintain the appropriate environment for the student population, most of whom are minors.

There are coin-op washers and dryers (two each) on the same floor as the residences. Each student should bring quarters and laundry supplies.

Internet Access
For students who choose to bring a computer, you will need an ether net cable (RJ45) which can be purchased at the campus book store. Your computer should also have firewalls in place and Spyware protection software. Students may also use the computer labs on campus, including use for internet and email. The University has strict rules about accessing lewd, offensive or pornographic material on campus. Computer gaming is not allowed in any of the computer labs. NOTE: STI coursework generally does not require computer use or document production.

The computer lab in Trexler Library will be available during library hours of operation.

There is a small lounge in the residence hall with a television and couches. Each residence also has an active cable jack. Any student who chooses to bring a small television will also need to bring a cable (coaxial) to connect it to the jack. There is no additional charge for use of cable television service.

Food Services
The first meal served for STI residential students will be dinner on Sunday night, June29, and the last will be dinner on Friday, July 11 (2-week students) or Friday, July 22 (4-week students). Between these dates, three meals per day are provided by food services, seven days per week. No cash is necessary for meals as the board fee entitles each student to the full meal plan. Meals are served in the University Center cafeteria. Students will be given a picture ID card for campus and tickets for their food each day.

Breakfast is offered each weekday morning from 7:30-8:30am, and class begins promptly at 9:00am. Lunch is always 12:00-1:30pm; dinner is always 5:30-6:30pm. There may be some days when meal times are extended, depending upon the schedules of other groups using campus facilities. Under some circumstances, bag lunches or dinners are available. Most special diets can be accommodated with advance notice.

Snack/Soda Machines
There is one snack machine and one soda machine in the residence hall. More machines are available in nearby buildings. As the cafeteria is open only during scheduled meal times, students may wish to bring some snacks with them to campus. Students will have the opportunity to make a weekly "store run" with a residential counselor.

Electrical Appliances
Please see item #9 in the Housing Contract for information on bringing a refrigerator and/or microwave.

Volleyball courts, soccer fields, a running track and plenty of open green space are available for student use.

Planned activities are generally mandatory. The residential activities calendar is subject to change.

Spending Money
Students should bring some spending money for occasional purchases at the campus bookstore, photocopies, snack machines, laundry, stores, malls, and for incidental expenses at other special events. There is a Wachovia ATM on campus in the University Center that provides access to the following networks: STAR, QUEST, NYCE, MAC, PLUS, VISA, CIRRUS, Mastercard, Maestro, and the Armed Forces Financial Network.

Students will have access to library materials via a special card issued upon their first visit to the library.

Health Insurance/Health Care
Please read, fill out and return the emergency form as well as a photocopy of your health insurance card (front and back) by June 23. Care providers typically need the information on both sides.

The Health Center at DeSales is closed during the summer. Any student who requires medical attention while in residence will have the following options. After contacting parents, the student may:

  • be taken by STI staff to an urgent care center to see a doctor;
  • be taken to the emergency room at Lehigh Valley Hospital, (unless the student's health insurance is Aetna/US Healthcare, in which case St Luke's Hospital will be used. LVH doesn't accept Aetna/US if the student has to be admitted);
  • be picked up by a parent to see a health care provider back home.

If parents cannot be reached and the need for care is urgent, STI staff will exercise one of the first two options listed above. Students should also bring with them an extra copy of their insurance card (again front and back). Payment for any expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the student and family.

Rules & Regulations
"Ask yourself how you would act were all the world looking at you, and act accordingly." -- Thomas Jefferson

In addition to gaining a full understanding of the rules outlined in this document, each residential student is responsible for reading, signing, and returning to STI the enclosed Housing Contract and Emergency Form, by June 23. Please read these documents very carefully and sign and return one of each. The remaining copy is for your records. Students should bring this copy with them for reference during the program.

Drop Off
Residential students should arrive at Chappuis Hall between 2:00 and 4:00pm on Sunday June 29, 2007. For The Shakespeare and Tech/Design program students who are residential, you will move in on Sunday July 13 between 2 and 4 pm. Please contact Amy Lobmeyer if any other arrangement is necessary. Students will have until 5:00pm to get established in the residences, and will then go to dinner in the cafeteria. At this time, parents should depart, allowing students to transition and to begin to connect with their peers and counselors. Dinner will end by 6:15pm at which time students will return to the dorm for residential orientation with the Residential Counselors, and free time to unpack, socialize and take in the great DeSales sunset.

Pick up

  • 2-week Acting students
    On Thursday evening, July 10, 2-week Acting residential students will begin to pack. Instructional programming ends at 3:45pm on Friday, July 11. Dinner on Friday, July 11 will be the last meal provided for 2-week residential students. At 6:30pm on Friday, July 11, 2-week students will give an informal presentation for family and friends. After the presentation, 2-week students will gather their belongings and prepare to vacate the residence hall, and will then be free to leave with parents. Residences are to be left in move-in condition, by 10:30pm on Friday, July 11.

  • 4-week students, 2-week Shakespeare students and Tech/Design students
    On Thursday evening, July 24, 4-week Acting residential students and 2-week Shakespeare and Tech/Design residential students will begin to pack. Instructional programming ends at 3:45pm on Friday, July 25. Dinner on Friday, July 25 will be the last meal provided for 4-week residential students. At 6:30pm on July 25, 4-week students will give an informal presentation for family and friends. After the presentation, students will gather their belongings and prepare to vacate the residence hall, and will then be free to leave with parents. Residences are to be left in move-in condition by 10:30pm on Friday, July 25.

STI residential students are allowed to leave campus only with STI staff. Students who wish to leave campus under any other circumstances, other than in the custody of parents or guardians, will need a letter of permission from parents or guardians and clearance from the Director of STI. Residential students are welcome to leave campus to return home for the weekend if so desired, provided they do so with parents or guardians. To do so, parents must come up to the residence hall to show identification and sign the student out with the residential counselor at the desk. .

Mail intended for residential students should be addressed as follows:

{Resident's name}
c/o Summer Theatre Institute
DeSales University
2755 Station Avenue
Center Valley, PA 18034

Lodging for Parents
Parents who need lodging may wish to consider:

Howard Johnson
Inn and Suites
3220 Hamilton Blvd.
Allentown, PA 18103

Comfort Suites
3712 Hamilton Blvd.
Allentown, PA

Wingate Inn
Hamilton Blvd.
Allentown, PA

Holiday Inn Express
Hotel and Suites
3620 Hamilton Blvd.

Sunday mass is offered on campus at 10:30am. There are also non-roman catholic services available at the following:

  • Congregation Agudath Achim
    1555 Linwood Street
    Bethlehem, PA 18017
    (610) 866-8891
  • First Presbyterian
    2344 Center Street
    Bethlehem, PA 18017
    (610) 867-5865

Coin operated photocopy machines are located in the Library.

STI residential students are not permitted to keep vehicles.

Suggested packing list (not exhaustive)

  • Mattress pad
  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Ear plugs (snoring roommates?)
  • Clothing (include something "casual dress" for the presentation)
  • Sleepwear
  • Bathrobe
  • Exercise clothing
  • Dancewear (optional)
  • Spending money
  • ATM card (optional)
  • Phone card or cell phone (optional - for calling home)
  • Laundry bag
  • Quarters
  • Laundry detergent
  • Snacks (non-perishable)
  • Bathing suit
  • Swim towel
  • Notebook for note-taking
  • Pens/pencils
  • Sheet music for songs you may sing in the training or open mic night (if you are a singer)
  • Binder
  • Umbrella (you will move between buildings multiple times each day)
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Hairdryer
  • Alarm clock
  • Desk lamp
  • Basic first-aid (Band-aids, Tylenol, Advil, etc.)
  • Supply of maintenance prescription medications, if any (must be disclosed on emergency form)
  • All STI paperwork (copy of Residential Information, Housing Contract, etc.)
  • Copy of health insurance card (front and back)
  • Small wastepaper basket
  • Hangers

Tip: Some students have brought foam "egg-crate" padding to soften their beds. Fiberbeds are also ideal for putting on top of the mattresses.

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