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Press Release: Globalization efforts take DeSales team to India
Date: 3/23/2005

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Globalization efforts take DeSales team to India

Fr. Bernard O'Connor, university president; Galen Godbey, associate to the president for globalization, and Dr. Mohamed Latib, vice president for program and strategic development, will travel to India, as part of DeSales University's continued globalization efforts and commitment to producing more "globally ready" graduates.

During the trip, which begins on Sunday, March 27, members of the DeSales team will travel approximately 20,000 miles over a 20-day period, to pursue relationships with India's academic, nonprofit and business institutions, and to establish a DeSales University presence in India. The itinerary includes a stop in London, before continuing to Delhi and Bangalore. While in India, they will explore a possible collaboration with students and faculty in an educational and intellectual exchange, as well as service learning programs.

"DeSales has made a serious commitment to preparing globally ready students," said Dr. Latib. "Graduates from DeSales will have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to expand their talents both here and overseas."

The trip also will help establish DeSales as a dialogue center between the Hindu and Catholics. "By creating this relationship, DeSales students will become more aware and tolerant of the religions around them," said Father O'Connor. "The word 'catholic' means universal. The relationships we hope to build make that meaning even more significant."

India was chosen due to its culturally and religiously diverse population, and its position as a technologically advanced country. Also, the Oblates of St. Francis DeSales, who founded DeSales University 40 years ago, established themselves in Bangalore within the past few years. They were sent to India on an educational mission, and Fr. O'Connor hopes this trip will help guide and support them in their efforts.

DeSales also hopes to offer services and programs to institutions in India. According to Godbey, since businesses are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, DeSales needs to be ready to provide the kind of an education where students can "walk into a globalized organization with the recognition and confidence to succeed."

This is especially true in the areas of healthcare and sports management. Many of the programs that DeSales offers are either rare or unknown in India, or the quality of the program is not quite the same. India has about 300 million citizens, more than the population of America, who live in the same standard as a middle-class American family. As a result, more and more Indian citizens are beginning to enjoy areas such as sports and entertainment.

India's healthcare model still has doctors and nurses working separately. DeSales can offer courses in its widely respected and innovative nursing programs and its nationally acclaimed physician assistant program.

In the area of business, India is one of the top countries where American businesses export jobs. There are over 1,100 business schools in India. Latib has already taught classes on the topic of leadership in a global innovative economy at one India's top 20 schools, the Alliance Business Academy

The next step in DeSales' globalization efforts will depend on the results from the various meetings and discussions that Fr. O'Connor, Godbey, and Latib will have with officials during their visits at various organizations in India. Regardless of the outcome, they all agree that "global competence will one day be like literacy."

Press Release: Globalization efforts take DeSales team to India | Posted on: 3/23/2005

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