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Press Release: DeSales University Announces Partnership With Computer Aid Inc.
Date: 8/30/2002

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DeSales University Announces Partnership With Computer Aid Inc.

Center Valley, Pa. (August 30, 2002) DeSales University has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Computer Aid Inc., (CAI), an international provider of information technology (IT) solutions with headquarters in Allentown, Pa.

Beginning July 1, 2002, CAI assumed responsibility for all information technology functions at DeSales University. The services CAI provides to DeSales include management and delivery of all computer services to the campus community including faculty, staff and students.

"Universities of the future will be very agile with the processing of information. Creative uses of technology will enhance the learning experience, simplify the registrar/business office functions, expand the resources available for student affairs, and streamline the workings of institutional advancement," said Father Bernard O'Connor, OSFS, president of DeSales University. "Computer Aid is renowned for its professionalism, competence, and expertise. A marriage like this is rare. We feel very fortunate indeed," he added.

"I have a committed personal interest in education. I believe it is key to advancing and sustaining our society," said Tony Salvaggio, president of CAI. "I also deeply believe that technology will be crucial to all aspects of college and university life in the future. Those two things considered, I am thrilled at the prospect of leveraging our technology capability with a great institution like DeSales," he added.

After an interview process, nine DeSales University employees became CAI employees effective July 1, 2002, providing CAI with a pool of highly qualified individuals with expertise in the field of higher education. All DeSales University IT employees were offered the opportunity to pursue employment with CAI and all who pursued employment were hired. One DSU employee opted to pursue other employment.

"The decision to have Computer Aid provide for our technology needs allows DeSales to access a depth of knowledge and resources that we couldn't afford to provide for ourselves," said Willard Cressman, vice president of administration and finance at DeSales University."We were concerned about the welfare of our employees during the transition but we believe that they will have better opportunities for professional growth with Computer Aid," he added.

"Modest-sized universities are beginning to see the value in forming strategic partnerships with private industry," said O'Connor. "Universities generate ideas for the future; industries know the needs and demands of the marketplace. It is often counterproductive for universities to use their limited resources to replicate the expertise of industry. And it is unwise for industries to invest in pure speculation. Partnerships are win-win solutions."

"We have helped hundreds of clients in dozens of industries, but have not done a great deal of work for colleges and universities," said John Russo, director of higher education at CAI. "DeSales is the perfect size and environment for us to work in a new industry."

Computer Aid provides the University with a senior level executive on-site at the Center Valley campus. CAI named Doug Griffin of Upper Macungie, Pa., who has been an employee of CAI for six years to the position of vice president of information technology. Griffin remains an employee of CAI, but serves on the DeSales University President's Cabinet and is involved in all strategic planning exercises of the University.

Projects aggressively underway under the new strategic partnership include the rollout of a DSU computer help desk, enhancing the computer-assisted registration process, implementing a smart card system for the campus and expanding the wireless environment to include the new dining facility.

Founded in 1981, CAI is a multi-million dollar IT consulting firm with offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Philippines. With more than 1,700 associates worldwide, CAI offers several delivery options including on-site and off-site solutions from its five delivery centers in the U.S. and one offshore.

These Solution Delivery Centers are successfully leveraged to enable technical and management professionals, knowledgeable in CAI's strategic methodologies, to quickly respond to client requirements. CAI is proud of their ability to provide results on-time, within budget and at a fixed price. CAI strives to assist clients to compete and succeed in today's rapidly changing business environment.

"Saint Francis de Sales is often referred to as the "saint of friendship," said O'Connor. "He thought that friendship captured the essence of the human-God relationship and was a key to our successful journey toward holiness of life. I think that friendship is the best descriptor for the new relationship between DeSales University and Computer Aid, Inc. Each of us is seeking to enhance the life of the other. DeSales hopes to help Computer Aid, Inc. develop the very finest expertise in the field of higher education. Computer Aid, Inc. seeks to make DeSales University a leader in technology assisted higher education."

Press Release: DeSales University Announces Partnership With Computer Aid Inc. | Posted on: 8/30/2002

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