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Press Release: DeSales University Announces Internet2 Service
Date: 7/22/2005

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DeSales University Announces Internet2 Service

DeSales University now offers Internet2 service and has joined the Internet2 Consortium in the region. Other member institutions from the Lehigh Valley area include Lehigh University and Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Internet2 is a worldwide, not-for-profit consortium of universities, governments, research labs, and health-care institutions. The consortium champions the dedicated use of the high capacity broadband version of the commercial Internet for research and education. Outside the Lehigh Valley area, other educational institutions in the region belonging to the worldwide consortium include Drexel, Villanova, Penn State and Columbia universities.

According to Dr. Galen Godbey, associate to the president for globalization at DeSales, because Internet 2 "membership" is worldwide, encompassing universities, hospitals, and research labs, the technology greatly expands the potential pool of partners for the University and its faculty.

"This is an important step in building the relationships essential for DeSales students and professionals to engage the wider world -- routinely and deeply," said Godbey.

Educational research and scientific demands for speed, throughput, reliability and security grow constantly. The ability to exchange information and knowledge with less delay and risk has been the driving force behind Internet2's growth and development. Just as the commercial Internet is indispensable on a day-to-day basis, Internet2 is destined to become a necessary part of higher education worldwide.

According to Doug Griffin, vice president for technology at DeSales, the university plans to use Internet2 to enable meetings with colleagues in multiple locations by using the technology's ability to deliver high quality videoconferencing to multiple participants. Internet2 connectivity offers the means to bring guest lecturers to classrooms from any location. Its video conferencing capability will make it possible for DeSales to partner with other institutions to offer seminars, co-sponsor lecture series, and share instructors.

DeSales also anticipates its Internet2 capability will quickly find an important role in health-care education. Hospitals are employing Internet2 to support the collaboration their medical staffs need to better diagnose and treat patients. Looking ahead, DeSales expects to support medical professionals in many fields with seminars and practicum collaboration.

While videoconferencing is impressive, Internet2's high data rates are valuable in their own right because they allow students to remotely operate scientific instrumentation at collaborating institutions anywhere in the world. For example, researchers are now using remote control facilities to peer through the world's largest telescopes, without traveling thousands of miles (or building their own telescope). The high-speed data rates that Internet2 offers, make it unnecessary for researchers to make the trip to the telescopes, and also provides real time alerts of when to log on for optimal stargazing.

Additional technical support was provided to DeSales' technical staff by engineers from Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit, Computer Aid Inc., and PenTeleDala, all based in the Lehigh Valley.

For more information on Internet2 service at DeSales University, please contact Dean Shaffer, director of instructional technology at DeSales, at 610-282-1100, ext. 1677. For general information on Internet2, please go to http://www.internet2.edu.

Press Release: DeSales University Announces Internet2 Service | Posted on: 7/22/2005

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