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Salesian Pamphlets and Papers

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1 The XV General Chapter Fockenfeld, 1988 A Report to the Congregation by Fr. Roger Balducelli, OSFS
2 100 Jare Oblate Van Heilige Frans de Sales in Sud-Afrika
3 350th Anniversary of the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary
4 Address of Very Reverend Father General to His Eminence Cardinal Tedeschini
5 Agenda Handbook Oblate Chapter Meeting - Wilmington-Philadelphia Province 1991 - by Planning Committee
6 The Allentown Meeting of Major Superiors, Brisson Seminary, July 23-28, 1989 report by Fr. Roger Balducelli
7 Annecy: Through the Old Town
8 Beyond Troyes the Spread of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales by A. Robert McGilvray, OSFS
9 Branches of the Salesian Family
10 By Direct Descent Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales by John J. Conmy, OSFS
11 The Canon of the Spiritual Directory Our Mystical Mass: A Brief Commentary on The Article of Silence by Joseph E. Woods, OSFS
12 The Case of Therese Neumann by Rev. George M. Fanguafr, STD, Ph.D. OSFS
13 Centenary 1875-1975 Oblates of St. Francis de Sales
14 Changes in Canon Law for Religious in Post-Conciliar Documents by Alcuin Coyle, OFM
15 Le Chemin de Croix by Pere Tucker
16 Christocentrism in St. Francis de Sales
17 "The Court, Monastery and Paradise in St. Francis de Sale's Introduction to the Devout Life" in The Downside Review by Joseph Chorpenning
18 Le Dauphine Libere Dimanche
19 DeChantal Hall, 1954 House Rules
20 The Decision for Celibacy by Roger Balducelli, OSFS
21 Decisions Capitulaires ou Essai de Coutumier
22 Der Heilige Franz Von Sales 100 Jahre Kirchenlehrer by Franz Burkli
23 DeSales Reflections Towards a Spirituality for Collaborative Ministry by Brother Loughlan Sofield
24 Die Oblaten und die Oblatinnen des Heiligen Franz von Sales
25 Doctrine and Spirit of St. Francis de Sales by J. Langelaan, OSFS
26 Ecclesial Dimensions of Salesian Thought by Alexander Pocetto, OSDS
27 Ecstasy of Holy Indifference According to Saint Francis de Sales by J. Langelaan
28 Exercise du Chemin de La Croix by Pere Brisson
29 External and Internal Beauty in Origen, St. Bernard, and St. Francis de Sales by Joseph Chorpenning
30 Faith by Francis de Sales translated by The Sisters of the Visitation of Holy Mary
31 Faithful to Directory Christ Will be Seen Again Walking on Earth
32 Father Brisson, The Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, and the Question of Social Involvement by Andre Brix, OSFS
33 Four Talks Given at Oblate Priests' Retreats in the Summer of 1975 ("Oblate Community Life" by Joseph D. Bowler, OSFS, "Trinity and Community" by Lewis Fiorelli, OSFS, "Sacramental Witness" by Thomas J. Hopkins, OSFS, and "Prayer, The Liturgy and Mysticism" by Joseph A. Connolly, OSFS)
34 Fourth Centenary of the Birth of St. Francis de Sales
35 Fourth Centenary of the Birth of St. Francis de Sales Dinner Program
36 Fourth Centenary of the Birth of St. Francis de Sales Mass Program
37 Francis de Sales Apostolic Letter of Pope Paul VI
38 General Chapter 1976 (meeting Minutes) by Daniel G. Gambet
39 God and the Human Family: A Salesian Perspective
40 Golden Counsel of St. Francis de Sales (3 copies -a,b,c)
41 A Great Family of a Great Saint
42 Haute - Savoie France: 4e centenaire de la naissance de St. Fracois de Sales
43 In the USA The Oblates of St. Francis de Sales in the United States by Joseph D. Bowler, OSFS
44 The Introduction to Prayer Life According to St. Francis de Sales by Rev. James E. Reese, OSFS
45 An Introduction to St. Francis de Sales by Fr. Andre Brix, translated by Rev. Joseph D. Bowler
46 Letter of Father Rollin, In Which the Divine Origin, Mission, and Spirit of the Congregation Are Briefly Summed Up
47 Lettre de Sa Saintete le Pape Paul VI a L'Occasion du IV Centenaire de la Naissance de St. Francois de Sales
48 Lettres Inedites Du Pl. Louis Brisson et D'Autres Au P. Claude Perrot Concernant Les Origines Des Oblats de Saint Francois de Sales
49 Licht 1983
50 The Life of St. Francis de Sales - Convent of the Visitation Roselands, Walmer, Kent
51 The Life of Very Reverend J. Francis Tucker, OSFS by Rev. John Naulty, OSFS
52 Live Jesus by Joseph Edmond Woods
53 Live Jesus Reflection on the 1989 Edition of the Constitutions of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales by Lewis S. Fiorelli, OSFS
54 Live Jesus Ten Day Retreat by Mother Mary de Sales Chappuis
55 Love and Critical Thinking in the Writings of Francis de Sales by Alexander Pocetto (In Proceedings of the PMR Conference)
56 La Maison de La Galerie by M. le Chanoine Ch. Rebord
57 Man, the Image and Likeness of God; Nature and Supernatural According to St. Francis de Sales by James S. Langelaan
58 Mary: The Most Beloved and Loving Mother: The Mariology of Saint Francis de Sales by James S. Langelaan
59 The Moral Flaws to Which Capitalism is Vulnerable by Fr. Eugene Catanzaro, OSFS
60 The Mystical Exposition of the Canticle of Canticles translated by Thomas F. Dailey, OSFS
61 La Mystique Structurale de Fracois de Sales by Th. Scheuller, OSFS
62 Oblaten Des HL Franz Von Sales
63 Oblate Obedience
64 The Oblates of St. Francis de Sales
65 Oblates of St. Francis de Sales 1893-1993 Celebrating 100 Years of Continuous Ministry in the United States
66 Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales in North Carolina by William A. Stahl, OSFS
67 Oblates of St. Francis de Sales Retreat Outline by Dominic Maruca, SJ
68 Oblates of St. Francis de Sales Wilmington-Philadelphia Province Provincial's Report to the Province 1972-1974 by Daniel G. Gambet
69 On Chastity
70 On the Sacred History of the Congregation by Fr. Roger Balducelli
71 On the Spiritual and Disciplinary Situation of the Congregation by Fr. Roger Balducelli, OSFS
72 On the Spiritual Directory
73 Our Lady of Light by Joseph E. Woods
74 Our Second Renewal by Fr. Roger Balducelli
75 Part V Government of the Institute, Preamble - Salesian Principles of Government
76 Petit Traite Sur L'Oraison ou Recueil des plus beaux enseignements de St. Jeanne Francoise de Chantal
77 Policy on Handling Allegation of Inappropriate Behavior
78 Un Portrait Presque Meconnu de Saint Francois de Sales
79 Pretres de Saint Francois de Sales
80 The Priesthood of St. Francis de Sales by Edward J. Carney
81 Priests' Retreat 1963 De Sales Hall by Edward J. Carney, OSFS (2 copies)
82 Provincial Statues
83 The Religious Priest and His Vow of Poverty: Parts 1, 2, 3 by Joseph Lynn
84 Saint Francis de Sales by Abbe Francis Saunier (comic book)
85 Saint Francis de Sales a Graphoanalysis by Josephine R. Robinson
86 Saint Francis de Sales and the de Sales Movement by Very Reverent John J. Conmy, OSFS
87 St. Francis de Sales and the Order of the Visitation by Elisabeth Stopp
88 Saint Francis de Sales and the Vocation of the Law
89 St. Francis de Sales, Patron of Writers
90 St. Francis de Sales, The Perfect Gentleman by Peter J. McNeill
91 Saint Francis de Sales' Use of Scripture in the Treatise on the Love of God by Fr. James S. Langelaan
92 St. Francis de Sales; Wise and Loving Counsel
93 Saint Francois de Sales
94 Saint Francois de Sales et Dom Columba Marmion by J. Chambelland
95 St. Jane de Chantal
96 Salesian Spirituality by Edward J. Carney
97 Salesian Strategy and the Social Order
98 Salesian Studies Program Wilmington-Philadelphia Province
99 Sanctification of Time/Prayer Life
100 San Francisco de Sales: Catequista de Los Ninos
101 Social Commitment Among the Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales by Fr. Roger Balducelli, OSFS
102 A Song of Prayer: Reading the Canticle of Cantiles with Saint Francis de Sales by Thomas F. Dailey (in Studia Mystica)
103 Souvenirs de Saint Francois de Sales a L'Ermitage de Saint Germain Sur Talloires
104 The Spiritual Teaching of the Venerable Mary de Sales Chappuis by Rev. Joseph Woods
105 Suite Aux Souvenirs D. Afrique de Monseigneur Simon Par Son Successeur Mgr. Fages
106 Tableaux Genealogiques des familes de Bouilon, de Burbon, de Conde, de Conti, D'Elbeuf, de Guise, de Soissons, de Lorraine, de Rohan, Le Tellier, don't il est question dans les Memoires
de Saint-Simon
107 Thaddeus Bote
108 Thoughts and Sayings of St. Margaret Mary
109 La Tradition Vivante: Francois de Sales, Prophets de L'Amour
110 The True Understanding of the Congregation According to Father Brisson - Texts of Fr. Brisson chosen by Father Roger Balducelli for use by his confreres
111 Venerable Mother Mary de Sales Chappuis
112 Visitandine Vignettes: 2 St. Jane de Chantal
113 Visitandine Vignettes: 3 St. Margaret Mary
114 Visitation of the Wilmington-Philadelphia Province Report and Recommendations by Most Reverend William J. Ward, OSFS
115 Visitandine Vignettes: An Introduction to Three Great Saints
116 La Visitation - Sa Spiritualite "Plentitude de Vie Interierure" by R. Pere Charmot
117 Les Vitraux de La Basilique de La Visitation D'Annecy
118 Vive + Jesus "An Overview of Salesian Anthropology by Joseph G. Morrissey, OSFS
119 The Vow of Poverty and It's Social Implications
120 What Constitutes the Quality of Religious Life?

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