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What is AIM?

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What is AIM?
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AIM stands for ACCESS Individualized Major, an interdisciplinary, self-designed, program intentionally structured to cross traditional discipline boundaries in order to address specific academic and vocational needs by individualizing your course of study. The ACCESS Individualized Major "customizes" a student's education while ensuring rigorous standards within a carefully constructed yet flexible framework.

AIM: Offering New Choices of Majors for Today's Working Adults

Whether you intend to grow in your current profession, enhance your skills, change your career path, or nourish your personal interest, AIM is a new option that will enable you to zero in on those studies which will be most relevant to your goals.

Focus on your interests.
AIM provides greater degrees of flexibility in the selection of the courses for your major field of study. You choose the areas of concentration that will give you the knowledge and competence necessary to achieve your chosen career or fulfill a personal goal.

Receive extensive support.
As a student of the AIM program, you will be assigned an ACCESS academic advisor who will guide you every step of the way. The advisor's role is to help you shape the major that best fulfills both the academic requirements of the University, and your personal, professional, and academic goals.

Name your own major.
Students in the AIM program also have the option of creating the name of their individualized major. This distinct title can provide greater specificity in your professional employment objectives and serve as a personal point of pride in your career.

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