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Press Release: Salesian Center to Host Morning After Pill Forum, Mon., Nov. 28
Date: 11/18/2005

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Salesian Center to Host Morning After Pill Forum, Mon., Nov. 28

The Salesian Center for Faith and Culture at DeSales University will present "The Morning After: Time to Take a Pill?", a forum on the bioethics of oral contraception, at 7:30 p.m., Monday, November 28, in the Arena Stage at the Labuda Center at DeSales University.

The event, which is free and open to the public, will look at the ongoing debate about oral contraception, like Plan B and Previn, used after unprotected sex to avoid pregnancy. Ethical dilemmas, both legal and moral, arise when pharmacists and other medical providers refuse to dispense these products while numerous other challenges surround providing these products to college students where the demand for these prescriptions is currently on the rise.

"A critical issue today is respect for one's conscience," said Father Thomas Dailey, director of the Salesian Center for Faith and Culture. "But since that also includes the conscience of the physician and the pharmacist, what should be done when the provider's view of healthcare clashes with the needs and desires of the woman seeking this kind of prescription?"

The panel of experts participating in the forum includes: Dr. Karen Sciascia, of Bethlehem Gynecology Associates, Helene B. Leonetti, a doctor of Obstetrics/ Gynocology, St. Luke's Allentown/Bethlehem, an area pharmacist, and Dr. Brian Kane, associate professor of theological ethics at DeSales University.

The event is presented by The Baranzano Society, a dialogue group of scholars and professionals who explore the mutual and dynamic interchange between science and religion. The primary focus of the group's work is the investigation of contemporary issues in bioethics, with a view toward promoting critical discernment on the values of human life.

"Bioethics is today's hottest field of inquiry, where individual viewpoints, scientific advances, and religious beliefs all intersect," said Dailey. "What contemporary healthcare can do is becoming ever more advanced. What we should do is another question! Seeking an answer to that question, as it relates to a host of medical issues, is what the Baranzano Society dialogues are all about."

Past forum topics have included stem cell research, performance enhancing drugs, end of life issues, plastic surgery and America's obsession with beauty, and the nursing shortage.

Established in 2000, the Salesian Center for Faith and Culture's mission is to promote the interaction of faith and culture, in a mutually beneficial engagement, through academic initiatives that focus on the authentic integration of social concerns and gospel values. The Salesian Center supports intellectual activity in research studies, dialogue events including public forums and lectures and partnership programs.

Press Release: Salesian Center to Host Morning After Pill Forum, Mon., Nov. 28 | Posted on: 11/18/2005

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