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Faculty and Student Published Books

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Information: This small collection includes books written by professors and students who were or are associated with Allentown College - DeSales University.  Some are signed by the author.  See also box 70-faculty published works, see also Faculty Publications section in the library
Location: Shelves 
The Aryan Christ:  The Secret life of Carl Gustav Jung – Richard Noll
Bizarre Diseases of the Mind – Richard Noll
The Call of the Game – Stephen McKee ’74 signed
C.B Jung and J.B. Rhine:  Two Complementary Approaches to the Phenomenology of the Paranormal in Proceedings of an International Conference Parapsychology and     Human Nature 1986 – Richard NollA Christian Understanding of Existence – Joseph Lange, OSFS
Cicero in the Works of Seneca Philosophus – Daniel Gambet, OSFS
Cicero’s Reputation From 43 BC to AD 79 – Daniel Gambet, OSFS – Dissertation
Christian Coloring Book for Youth - Mary Ann P. DiEdwardo and Patricia Pasda
A Dialogue Between Philosophy and Religion:  The Perspective of Karl Jaspers –   Bernard O’Connor, OSFS - signed
Doctrine of St. Augustine on Sanctity – Edward Carney, OSFS
Drawing out the Goodness from Allentown College to DeSales University – Rev. Alexander  Pocetto, OSFS
The Effects of Two Instructional Strategies Upon the Increase of Selected Discussion  Behaviors of Groups of Religious Identifying and Applying Their Charism as a  Congregation - A. Robert McGilvray, OSFS
The Evolution of Management Theory:  Past, Present, Future – William Roth – signed
Father Louis Brisson 1817-1908- Edited by Fr. Alexander Pocetto, OSFS; and Fr. Daniel  Wisniewski, OSFS
The German Nation:  Displacement and Resettlement – James Dow – signed
God Named Jung (Japanese) – Richard Noll
Juan Enriquez Cartagena:  El Thesoro De Varias Poesias Expirituales – Joseph Chorpenning, OSFS, Editor
Jung – The Aryan Christ (Spanish) – Richard Noll – 2 copies
Jung:  the Aryan Christ:  The Secrets of Life (French) – Richard Noll
Jung:  Aryan Prophet (Italian) – Richard Noll
Jung Cult:  A Modern Mystery Religions Birth (Swedish) –Richard Noll
The Jung Cult:  Origins of the Charismatic Movement  (Portugese and Japanese and Danish)  – Richard Noll
Prayer Journal - Mary Ann P. DiEdwardo and Patricia Pasda
Quality Factors in Health Care:  Papers from Dorthy Rider Pool Annual Workshop – 1984
Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders –Second Edition – Richard Noll
Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons:  Twentieth Century Reports in the Psychiatric  Literature – (Ukranian) Richard Noll
A Word Uncoined – William Keating ’69 – signed
Work and Rewards:  Redefining Our Work-Life Reality – William Roth, Jr.
Work Site  by Steve Myers 2003
Write A Book of Haiku - Patricia Pasda and Mary Ann Pasda DiEdwardo
Contact Terri Jones if you have any questions. 
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