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Press Release: Chemistry Demonstration Combines with Music, Visuals, and Comedy
Date: 3/8/2007

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Chemistry Demonstration Combines with Music, Visuals, and Comedy

Students at DeSales University will combine science with colorful visuals, popular music, and comic relief in a public program at 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, March 14, in the Priscilla Payne Hurd Science Center auditorium. The event is open to the public free of charge, but seat reservations are required. For more information, or to reserve a seat for the public presentation, call 610-282-1100, ext. 1386.

As part of the Sixth Annual DeSales University Chemistry Demonstrations Program, 11 DeSales students will entertain and stimulate learning, as they conduct more than a dozen experiments such as The Rainbow Disconnection, Twister, Leprechaun Elixir, Heartbreaker, Armageddon, Soda Foundain, among others.

The DeSales Chemistry Demonstrations Program, established in the fall of 2001, is designed to educate elementary and secondary school students on the basics of chemistry in a fun atmosphere. The programs differ from year to year. In addition to the public event, the DeSales students will do eight presentations for over 800 students in the Lehigh Valley area, during March and April. During the spring 2007 semester, the presentations will be partially funded by Air Product and Chemicals.

The DeSales students develop the key concepts, research the chemistry underlying them, and create colorful power-point presentations based on the reactions observed. They also select music that is appropriate for each demonstration.

"The program stimulates the thinking of those who see it," said Dr. Rodger Berg, associate professor in the department of natural science at DeSales, who serves as coordinator of the chemistry program. "High school and middle school teachers learn new concepts and ideas and find new ways to teach their students chemistry."

According to Berg, DeSales students enjoy taking part in the program because it helps them learn additional techniques and different methods of doing chemistry.

"They enjoy participating in the program because it is a chance for them to work with their peers and faculty members in an area they find fascinating," said Berg. "It's also an opportunity for them to perform before large groups of people and to perfect their communication and presentation skills."

The DeSales students taking part in the chemistry demonstrations this year are: Michael Allen, '08, double major in chemistry and biology from York, Pa.; Marisa Baldassano, '09, medical studies major from Audubon, Pa.; BobbiAnn Barnes, '07, environmental science major and chemistry minor from Newark, Del. ; Angela Bollinger, '07, chemistry major from Palmerton, Pa.; Erin Frey, '07, biology major from Hellertown, Pa.; Ashley Grube, '09, chemistry major from Orwigsburg, Pa.; Christopher Kern, '09, chemistry major from Laflin, Pa.; Joseph Newman, '07, biology major from Toledo, Ohio; Marissa Lamparksi, '07, chemistry major from Lansdale, Pa.; Kimberly Rarick, '09, chemistry major from Ringtown, Pa.; and Justin Sparks, '07, chemistry major from Pottstown, Pa.

"Before the first program of the academic year is presented, students spend much of their own time preparing the presentations. Once the programs begin, they devote countless hours to presenting and perfecting them," said Berg. "And they do it all for the love of science."

In addition to Dr. Rodger Berg, DeSales faculty participating this year include Dr. Stephen Cartier, assistant professor of physical and inorganic chemistry, and Dr. Francis Mayville, associate professor of organic chemistry and biochemistry.

For more information, or to reserve a seat for the public presentation, call the department of natural science at DeSales University, at 610-282-1100, ext. 1386.

Press Release: Chemistry Demonstration Combines with Music, Visuals, and Comedy | Posted on: 3/8/2007

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