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Press Release: Team From DeSales Embarks on Expedition of Cultural Understanding in Peru
Date: 8/2/2004

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Team From DeSales Embarks on Expedition of Cultural Understanding in Peru

A 14-member team of DeSales University students and faculty will embark on a two-week expedition to Peru, August 6 to 19, to create cultural, business, and service opportunities that will help students prepare for futures in a global economy. The trip is being funded by a Federal Education Title VI Grant through the Business and International Education Program of the U.S. Department of Education. The grant of $73,500 is designated for two years.

During the trip, the students will visit the University of Peru of Applied Sciences (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas) in Lima, where they will collaborate with students and faculty in an educational exchange. Also while in Lima, they will explore opportunities with Peru's largest newspaper, a professional soccer team, and Peru's largest bank, among other businesses and educational foundations. Other visits to cultural and historical places include Cusco, Macchu Picchu and the Inca Trail. They also will be involved with social outreach on an ongoing basis with a Peruvian village and the Heifer International Project.

"This trip will lay down footprints so that this can become an ongoing experience for our school community and theirs," said team leader, Michael Krajsa, faculty member in the department of business at DeSales. "We hope to host Peruvian students in the future and also to send other teams from DeSales back to Peru.  This first trip is crucial to creating that type of relationship." Krajsa teaches undergraduate and MBA courses in entrepreneurship, marketing and management.

The DeSales team will spend two days at the site of Heifer Project International, in Cusco, where students will have the exciting opportunity to help first hand. The Heifer Project is a service program that seeks to improve the environment and family incomes through the improved management of sheep herds. In recent years, DeSales, in conjunction with St. Isidore's Catholic Church in Quakertown, Pa., raised funds to sponsor livestock for the Heifer Project. On this trip, the team has brought a computer generously donated to the Heifer Project site by Ardath Rodale, chairman of the board of Rodale Inc. The computer will help open the necessary lines of communication between the two parties and provide further support and the exchange of ideas.

The team consists of eight DeSales University students. They are: Joshua Lee, a sophomore majoring in management, from Allentown, Pa.; Brian Radziwill, a sophomore majoring in sport management, from Cherry Hill, N.J.; Elizabeth Pfister, a sophomore majoring in nursing, from Shippensburg, Pa.; Jonathan Andrews, a junior majoring in biology, from Lebanon, Pa.; Glenn Berdela, a junior majoring in finance, from Tannersville, Pa.; Jason Kellogg, a junior majoring in TV/film, from Watchung, N.J.; Brandon Fogal, a junior majoring in communications, from Jim Thorpe, Pa.; and Jennifer Petzold, a junior majoring in communications and Spanish, from Perkasie, Pa.

"As a Spanish major, this trip offers me a unique opportunity to develop a fluency in the language," said Petzold. "It will be an exciting time, having the chance to see all of the places and people I've only been able to study in textbooks."

In addition to the eight students, others going on the trip include: Dr. Galen Godbey, associate to president for globalization at DeSales; Dr. Mohamed Latib, vice president for program and strategic development at DeSales; Joseph Brown, faculty member in department of humanities at DeSales; Anne Rampolla, assistant professor in the department of humanities at DeSales; and William Hunter assistant dean and director of the Global Union International Student Program at Lehigh University.

A visit to Peru, a country of rich cultural and historical value, would be incomplete without a hike through the Inca trails.  The team will embark on a four-day hike through the trails, with an important stop at Machu Picchu. At "The Lost City of the Incas," also labeled as "The City in the Clouds," the team will appreciate a sunrise view of the world-renowned wonder.

While in Lima, the students will meet with Margaret Hanson, commercial officer of the United States Embassy, who will provide insight into the everyday activities, as well as the goals of the Embassy.  The team also will visit successful companies, such as the Industrial Park Villa El Salvador.

At the University of Peru (UPC), students will give a presentation to students and faculty of the UPC, in regard to their business learning experiences and accomplishments in the United States. The presentation will reflect the work of SIFE, Students In Free Enterprise.

The DeSales students traveling to Peru belong to SIFE, a business-oriented club that creates and executes various projects throughout the academic year that promote leadership, ethics, entrepreneurship, and globalization.  The students have presented results from their various projects at regional competitions against other collegiate SIFE teams throughout the United States. The students will help establish SIFE clubs, while in Peru.

"This unique opportunity will provide me with a rich, cultural experience that will help me appreciate the world I live in," said Pfister. "I believe that this experience will help me shed any self-reservations and enable me to approach people of a new community with confidence."

For more information, please contact Michael Krajsa, team leader and faculty member in the department of business at DeSales University, at 610-281-1100, ext. 1856, or at Michael.Krajsa@DeSales.edu.

Press Release: Team From DeSales Embarks on Expedition of Cultural Understanding in Peru | Posted on: 8/2/2004

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