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Press Release: Initiating Change in State's Educational System Focus of Globalization Conference at De Sales University, Thurs., April 10
Date: 4/3/2008

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Initiating Change in State's Educational System Focus of Globalization Conference at De Sales University, Thurs., April 10

Creating a coalition that will help transform K-20 education in Pennsylvania and produce graduates who will succeed in a world driven by global innovation networks will be the focus of a conference hosted by DeSales and Temple Universities at DeSales on Thursday, April 10. (Note: This event was postponed from an earlier date.)

The day-long conference, "Thought Leadership for Education and Business: Co-Constructing New Organizational Models for Innovation and Global Competitiveness," will be held in the Gerald White Pavilion at DeSales. The agenda will include break-out sessions, speakers and presentations, and a vote on resolutions related to the formation of a broad-based coalition that will pursue changes in educational policy in Pennsylvania at all levels.

The event is sponsored by the Gambet Center for Innovation and Global Competitiveness at DeSales University and Temple University's Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), one of 31 federally funded global business education centers in the U.S. Attendees will include representatives from business, education, government, the arts and other cultural institutions from the region.

According to Dr. Galen Godbey, associate to the president for globalization at DeSales, globalization has changed the design and function of organizations, with work more geographically distributed, technologically mediated, team-based, collaborative, international and intercultural. However, the transition in education to processes and designs consistent with this new global dynamic has been slow. Godbey attributes this to the absence of a deeply committed, broad-based coalition that will pursue needed resources and changes in k-20 educational policy at all levels.

"Students require an educational system that promotes the imagination, initiative, and skills that yield the creativity essential to innovation and entrepreneurship, and necessary to achieve success in a world of global collaboration and competition," said Godbey. "More fairly distributed resources can accelerate the systemic changes that will allow graduates to succeed. The coalition would support the professional development, lobbying and strategic planning necessary to build such an educational system in a timely manner."

Serving as coordinators for the conference are Godbey and Dr. Mohamed Latib, vice president for program and strategic development at DeSales. Also, Dr. Arvind Phatak, executive director of Temple's CIBER and the Carnell Professor of International Business, Fox School of Business, and Kim Cahill, director of Temple's CIBER.

According to Phatak, CIBER promotes international trade and commerce by spearheading extensive collaboration with Temple and with other regional academic institutions, businesses and executives in eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware. The work done through CIBER links this region to global trade and commerce.

"In today's global age, our nation's need for global competence has never been more important," said Cahill. "The scarcity of international content in U.S. education must be addressed. Colleges, universities, and local school boards at the K-12 level bear the primary responsibility for curricular reform."

Cahill adds that other key responsible parties are state and local governments, where authority over education traditionally resides, and the private sector, which is the primary consumer of internationalized talent that our education system produces.

During the conference attendees will have the opportunity to debate and vote on two resolutions. The first resolution will call for the formation of a broad-based coalition that will pursue the needed resources and changes in the state's K-20 educational policy. The second will address the vision, mission, goals and structure for the coalition.

Following the welcome and opening remarks, a keynote panel will address the topic, "Preparing People For A World Driven By Globally Decentralized Innovation Networks and Processes." Featured panelists include Dr. Mark Lang, of Next Level Journey; Scott Garrigan, of the Center for the Advancement of Partnerships in Education (CAPE); Lew Jillings, from Penn State University; Todd Welch, of the Charter Partners Institute, and George White, of the College of Education at Lehigh University.

The keynote speaker will be State Senator Rob Wonderling, who will address, "State Government's Role in Preparing Pennsylvania for Global Innovation."

Also, there will be five break-out sessions. They are: "Access to Global Resources for the Classroom: Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures On-line," "Organizing Educational Activity to Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Faculty vs. Student-Driven Models," "How Young People Use Technology to create Community, Solve Problems, and Learn," "Soft Skills, Innovation, and the Future of Management and Education," and "How the Arts Contribute to the Innovative Capacities of Individuals and Organizations."

"All types of organizations need new models and methods to promote the innovative capacity and global competence essential in years ahead," said Latib. "Recently, management expert, Gary Hamel, stated that every organization, in every sector of society, should expect to face an unprecedented need for organizational change in the next 10 years. Changes so great that current management strategies will prove grossly inadequate."

The conference is the first event sponsored by the Gambet Center for Innovation and Global Competitiveness at DeSales. The Gambet Center will serve as the focal point for promoting global entrepreneurship across the curriculum at DeSales and through the region. Upon completion, it will house and stimulate collaboration between the business and education faculties of the University. Also, it will host an Institute for U.S. - India collaboration, which will strengthen cultural, educational, and commercial ties between these two countries.

As a follow-up to the globalization conference, Godbey noted it will be necessary to pursue the election of officers for the coalition and determine the home base of the coalition. Also, advocacy goals will need to be implemented via a vigorous itinerary of meetings with state and local officials. In addition, money will be sought for a variety of professional development programs for current and prospective educators to ensure that the teaching corps can design project-based learning and other experiences appropriate to an innovation-driven, global environment. Godbey stated that subsequent conferences will be held to address these points.

Press Release: Initiating Change in State's Educational System Focus of Globalization Conference at De Sales University, Thurs., April 10 | Posted on: 4/3/2008

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