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DeSales University MBA in Romania
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DeSales University MBA Student Testimonial

Livia Diacencu

I like the mixture between science and practice, between what is in the books and what is in reality. I appreciate very much that the professors are all businessmen and they test everyday this difference between books and reality. I also like very much that we are students both from America and Romania and we can share and see the others' experiences and difficulties in their jobs. This is a very good way to learn the real way of making business from two different parts in the world.

Bucur Ioana-Madalina
Assistant Manager

I recently began the DeSales MBA program in Bucharest and I am very pleased with it. The classes are very interesting and demand serious and thorough studies. The teachers are well prepared, and through their attitude they challenge you to reach to a point of view of your own. What is more, they are friendly and always ready to help. For this reasons I recommend this program to anyone interested in a MBA program.

Catalina Manolescu

When I decided to search for an MBA program in Romania I was very happy to see that a new one had been launched, and moreover, that it was centered on Project Management, specialization that was missing on our market.

I found the program very well balanced in terms of theory and ability building; individual and group assignments, although quite demanding, helped to better internalize the concepts.

Also, working in mixed groups (US and Romanian students) put us in the real life situation of dealing with multiple cultural approaches in the same team/organization.

Mircea D. Marcu
STRABAG SRL - Direktion NT
Project Manager

What I found within DeSales PM/MBA program is high quality of knowledge and teachers, as well as inspiring method that resonate to my needs in the business environment. Superior understanding, and expectations of meeting top experience and efforts towards improving people's education and social life by understanding nowadays international values and challenges.

DeSales University MBA Student Testimonial

Ana Nutu

Firstly, I would like to state that I have just joined the DeSales MBA Program in Project Management. Secondly, what I can say about the program is that I feel honored to have been accepted and to benefit of an exceptional educational environment.

I grew up in a small city near by Bucharest, where I attended primary and secondary school. Living there gave rise to my dream of living in a metropolis where I could have more opportunities and challenges and where I could accomplish the desire of climbing the career ladder. Now I want more. I want to experience new fields, different cultures and meet new and interesting people. I want to provoke myself and to receive this great opportunity of learning from people coming from a coherent economic system and also a strong educational system. These are the reasons for choosing DeSales University and the Project Management program, and I know for sure that this MBA will definitely change my thinking in way for me to become a great leader.

Another reason for choosing MBA Program in Bucharest is that it fits easily with my professional and personal time, with the help of its online programs of study and activities.

In conclusion, I find this MBA Program to be valuable and demanding, having supportive and professional teachers who have deep business experience and from who I have great things to learn. So I sincerely recommend DeSales MBA Program from Bucharest for all of those who desire to have an interesting and serious study in Project Management.

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