Director's Message

February 2015

Dear Friends,

This year the Catholic Church is celebrating a ► Year of Consecrated Life in the hope of waking up the world to this particular vocation.  For we Oblates at DeSales University, this month marks the anniversary of the death of our Founder, ► Blessed Louis Brisson.  Through his vision and example, we live today the ► Salesian Spirituality that at the foundation of our university's educational mission.

We invite everyone to learn more about Fr. Brisson, the Salesian/Oblate charism, and the Consecrated Life ... even if it's not your vocation!  One place to start is ► this monthly blog series.

Pray for us, as we will for you.  God Bless and Be Well.

  Fr. Thomas Dailey, OSFS



Inspiring Ideas ... 


"Today we too, like Mary and Simeon, want to take Jesus into our arms, to bring him to his people. Surely we will be able to do so if we enter into the mystery in which Jesus himself is our guide. Let us bring others to Jesus, but let us also allow ourselves to be led by him. This is what we should be: guides who themselves are guided."

Pope Francis, 2/2/15

homily for Feast of Presentation of Our Lord


Pope John Paul II"A specific priority is the need to examine the predominant values and norms of modern society and culture in a Christian perspective, and the responsibility to try to communicate to society those ethical and religious principles which give full meaning to human life."


- Pope John Paul II
Ex corde Ecclesiae #33

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