Director's Message

MARCH 2015

Dear Friends,

The so-called "Spring Break" this year finds us still in the throes of winter, whose white snow still blankets the campus. 

Even saints weren't immune to the ravages of winter.  Our patron, St. Francis de Sales, compares the dread of sorrow to "a severe winter which spoils all the beauty of the country and weakens all the animals."  But he bids us to persevere with good cheer, for faith and hope remind us that "God conserves this great world in existence amid constant change." 

With the hope that Spring will soon come, we at the Salesian Center look forward to new flowerings.  Among these are the new cohort of students we will select for the ► Ryan Leadership Institute, and the fourth and final discussion in our new ► "Reel to REAL" movie series.

In gratitude we pray for the many whose work has enabled us to survive and thrive in these wintry months.  And we wish for all to stay warm and Be Well.

  Fr. Thomas Dailey, OSFS



Inspiring Ideas ... 

In his
Message for Lent this year, Pope Francis rails against a “selfish attitude of indifference (that) has taken on global proportions.”  He reminds us all that “Each year during Lent we need to hear once more the voice of the prophets who cry out and trouble our conscience.”  The consecrated life is a response to that voice.  By the example of their lives, vowed religious trouble the conscience of an indifferent world.  Their joyful lives give witness to an eternal attitude about love and wealth and freedom.

"Wake Up the World" commentary


Pope John Paul II"A specific priority is the need to examine the predominant values and norms of modern society and culture in a Christian perspective, and the responsibility to try to communicate to society those ethical and religious principles which give full meaning to human life."


- Pope John Paul II
Ex corde Ecclesiae #33

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