Review Committee

Comprised of faculty and staff at DeSales University, this committee provides ongoing evaluation of the programs and activities of the Salesian Center for Faith & Culture.

In particular, the tasks of this committee include: determining admission to programs of the Salesian Center; selecting award winners for activities in the Salesian Center; and contributing to grant applications from the Salesian Center.

The committee usually meets at 12:30 p.m., in the Salesian Center, on the following schedule:


Mary Birkhead
Enrollment Management

Michael Gallagher
Assistant Professor and Department Chair
Division of Business

Tom McNamara
Executive Director, Communications
Institutional Advancement

Tim Cowart
Assistant Professor/Director of Dance
Division of Performing Arts

Dr. Mary Elizabeth Doyle-Tadduni
Chair/Associate Professor
Department of Nursing & Health

Gracia Perilli
Associate Director

John Fisher, OSFS
Coordinator of Educational Initiatives
Salesian Center for Faith & Culture

Boyce Jubilan

Associate Professor of Psychology
Division of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Linda Zerbe
Student Life