Ryan Leadership Institute - Application to Join

Membership in the Salesian Leadership Institute is by invitation only and is ordinarily limited to 15 students each year.


♦  The Faculty/Staff Review Committee of the Salesian Center' for Faith & Culture nominates prospective members

♦  The Oblate members of the SLI Staff evaluate the students' academic achievement (minimum 2.75 GPA required ) and involvement in student activities and generates a list of students to invite.

♦  The Director of the Salesian Center extends the invitation to apply for membership in the institute and conducts interviews with the applicants. 


To be selected for membership, students must commit to:

  • ♦  Attending two (2) weekend retreats and all ten (10) meetings throughout their Junior year at DSU
  • ♦  Participating actively in all activities of the Institute
  • ♦  Attending six (6) leadership workshops throughout their Senior year at DSU
  • ♦  Serving in a leadership capacity in a recognized student club, team, or organization during the student's Senior year at DSU
  • ♦  Engaging in follow-up evaluations at the end of each year of the institute and following graduation from DSU

Timetable for Spring 2016

  • February consultations for nominations
    February 18-19 Steering committee selects students to be invited
    Director of the Salesian Center extends invitations by email
    March 4
    final date for student applications to be submitted
    week of March 14 applicants are interviewed by the Director of the Salesian Center
    March 21 participants are selected
    March 25 invitations are extended to select faculty/staff
    March 29 orientation session for all new participants


► RLI overview

► RLI application form

► RLI expectations form