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DeSales Students Design Digital Murals for U.S. Women’s Open at Saucon Valley Country Club

The athleticism exhibited by women golfers of various ages is the focus of 11 digital art murals designed by two DeSales students especially for the U.S. Women’s Open, currently in progress at the Saucon Valley Country Club, July 6 July 12.

The 11 murals were created by DeSales students, Chris Morganelli, of Bethlehem, Pa., and Amanda Ziegler, of Aston, Pa., and showcase the passion of women golfers for the sport over the years. The colorful murals are on display at the merchandise tent where five form huge exterior panels and six are interior poster panels. According to representatives affiliated with the project, the digital art murals are the first such work to be created for any U.S. Open.

Morganelli and Ziegler, both juniors majoring in the computer science digital art track at DeSales, collaborated with Meredith Reeves, marketing consultant with the U.S. Women’s Open, beginning in late April and worked for over two months to design the murals. Their goal was to promote U.S. women golfers as great athletes with a passion for the sport.

To create the murals, Morganelli and Ziegler used photos and text provided by the USGA (United States Golf Association) that featured women golfers over the years who helped set the bar for the sport. The photos captured women golfers of all ages showing a wide range of emotion and passion for the sport. According to Reeves, the digital murals convey the essence of what was in the photos and will serve as a way for the public to connect with the event.

“This is the first time that work of this type has ever been done at any U.S. Open event,” said Dr. Martin Brett, assistant professor and director of sport management at DeSales, who is a a volunteer serving as co-chairman for transportation at this year’s event. “It worked out well for all those involved. The DeSales students were given the opportunity to produce a quality job for the USGA at a fraction of the cost and in turn had an experience of a lifetime.”

Brett was instrumental in securing the DeSales students for the digital murals project. Upon learning from USGA contacts that they were interested in having digital murals designed for the U.S. Open, Brett suggested using DeSales students who were digital art majors and had the necessary background and interest. He contacted Ziegler, who consulted with Bonita Moyer, chairperson of DeSales University’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, about taking on the project. Moyer provided advice and guidelines. She also recommended Morganelli to work with Ziegler and the digital team was formed.

Morganelli and Ziegler agree that it was an all-consuming project, but in a positive way, and are very grateful for the experience.

“Working on the project was a great learning experience,” said Morganelli. “We didn’t realize the magnitude of the event until after we started working on the project. We realized athletes come from all over the world to participate in the event and thousands of people watch it. Ultimately, we knew the murals would get a lot of exposure.”

As part of the project, Morganelli and Ziegler attended over a dozen meetings during the spring 2009 semester, beginning at the end of April until mid-June, well after the academic year was over. The final stage of the project was completed approximately three weeks before the start of the event.

Also in attendance at some of the project meetings were Brett, Reeves and select USGA members, who discussed the goals and challenges of the project, and exactly what was needed. The students gathered ideas and created various designs. Reeves reviewed the designs and provided necessary feedback. Once completed, the digital murals were sent to the printer, Tournament Graphics, in Toledo, Ohio, where they were prepared for display.

“Working on this project was so worthwhile and taught me so much,” said Ziegler, who hopes to pursue a career in graphic design. “We were focused, creative, resourceful, shared ideas, and critiqued each other’s work, all of which resulted in a successful project in the end.”

“There were challenges, especially coming up with ideas both designers agreed upon. Plus, it required a lot of hours both on- and off-campus, including weekdays and weekends, but well worth it,” said Morganelli, whose future career plans are in the area of architectural visualization. “It was an incredible experience, one we can note proudly on our resumes.”

Press Release: Students' Work Displayed at U.S. Women's Open | Posted on: 7/8/2009

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