Hosting a Performance

Performances by The Word Among Us are hosted at the site of the contracting party.  Necssary details are outlined below. 

All arrangements are negotiable.  To make futher inquires and/or to finalize arrangements, ► contact the Director of the Salesian Center for Faith & Culture.

Performances are suitable for all audiences!

The distinctive feature of our performances lies in the combination of theatrical talent and theological teaching.  Performances can be tailored to particular audiences.  Each of our performances includes:

  • ♦  "setting the stage" ... a brief introduction to the historical and theatrical context of the play (5-10 minutes)
  • ♦  "dramatic reading" ... a performance of the play in the style of the "theatre of the word" (60-75 minutes) 
  • ♦  "talk-back" ... a discussion with the company about the meaning & significance of the play (20-30 minutes)

Production Requirements 

The nature of rhapsodic theatre is such that staging demands are minimal.  A raised space with strong lighting is preferred (e.g., a stage).  Microphones are not needed unless the size of the venue/audience necessitates amplification.

Booking a Performance 

To schedule the date of a performance for your group or in your area, ► contact us

To review the standard booking agreement, ► download the form.   

Fundraising Opportunities 

The staff of the Salesian Center will work with you on the possibilities of making this performance an opportunity to raise funds for your organization.

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