The following comments derive from previous productions by our company:



from Janna Fellmeth  (Ministry Development Coordinator for the Catholic Leadership Institute):

  • "Though enjoyable, this production of The Jeweler's Shop is much more than entertainment.  Karol Wojtyla's play helps bring the Theology of the Body to life.  The Word Among Us company does a great job working through the challenging script, bringing out the humanity of the characters, and engaging the audience in discussion.  This is one show that should not be hidden away!" 

from David Savage  (Chairman of the Board of the Theology of the Body Institute):

  • "This production of The Jeweler's Shop is illuminating and compelling.  Their unique presentation of Karol Wojtyla's play touches on universal themes, provoking serious reflection.  The Theology of the Body Institute is pleased to have had The Word Among Us share its profound artistic exploration of the themes of Love & Responsibility with its students." 


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