The following reference works offer additional information about the works that have inspired our company.  Wherever possible, links are provided to on-line editions of the texts.

PRIMARY sources

The Collected Plays and Writings on Theater by Karol Wojtyla [translated with introductions by Boleslaw Taborski].  University of California Press, 1987.

► "Letter to Artists" by His Holiness Pope John Paul II (1999). 


► "The Dramatic Vision of Karol Wojtyla:  A 'Theatre of the Word'" by Jeremy Stanbary.  Epiphany Studio Productions, 2003.

► "A Portrait of the Pope as a Young Artist" by David Scott.  2005.

► "The Role of Theatre in the Evangelization of Culture" by Peter John Cameron, O.P.  Blackfriars Repertory Theatre, 2004.

COMMENTARY on the plays:

"The Ego and Human Love" by Ellen Rice.  Catholic Dossier, July/August 1996.

"The Passage of Love: Wojtyla's Radiation of Fatherhood" by Kenneth Schmitz.  Communio 22 (Spring 1995): 99-106. 

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